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Default Rip DVD Movies to Common File Format

Format Factory has been used all the time to transfer various files to AVI format. By using the transferring function of the DVD, I attempt to use Format Factory to transfer it to AVI. But it turns me that there are subtitles no matter I choose 'none' or not. I can only choose 'custom' and remove its file name in the subtitle font. However, I still cannot get rid of the subtitles. I cannot see subtitles when I watch the DVD. I wonder whether someone has tried it and know how to convert DVD to AVI on Mac successfully with no subtitles.

Do you feel strange when you have spent more than 4 hours during the process of transferring a DVD with the help of Handbrake? Since I prefer simple file to complex VOB construction, all my DVDs have been transferred into AVI format. They occupy more space than SL DVDs because no compressions work done. But for the size, they are smaller because the menus, subtitles and others have been moved since I do not need them. I do not want to change them back. On contrary, they are my achievements.

In order to save more space, Iíd like to encode those unimportant videos. However, Iím afraid that there may be some trouble to play them with the upgraded devices. Iíve made some experiments and it turns out that encoding a 30 minutesí video takes one hour or so. If I do my encoding work at this speed, it will waste too much time. However, an AVI video takes less than 20 minutes for encoding, so I wonder whether there is some other method to convert AVI to MOV in Mac OS X.

I have to figure out which software can help me transfer DVD into MP4, AVI or MOV without any problems. I enjoy watching DVD on my way to work and I know only if I transfer them into my phone can I have the fun. However, I donít know what to do to transfer them, so Iím expecting your advice. Iíd even like to pay for the good results.

As you all know, CCS is the encryption of a DVD. So if you want to Rip DVD to MP4, remove of the encryption is necessary. In this way, AppGeeker may be the choice since it is free, updated to deal with all except the newest one and then throw them into ISO/VIDEO_TS and faster than those older apps used to remove the encryption and convert the content of DVD to MP4. It offers great apps for transferring and outputs high-qualified productions.

You have to transfer your DVD to other format to make it suitable for playback and restrict its size when it is with your Apple application and iOS device. MOV files can be played by numbers of players if decryption work has done to them, but remember that there is no pay for any DVD to MOV Mac converter since thereís too many open source and freeware choices when you do your conversion work.
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